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President and founder: Piotr Balcerowicz (20022014)


Association Education for Peace (20062014), before under the name Association Schools for Peace (20022006) was a public benefit NGO, active in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma (Myanmar), South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Uganda. Between 20022014, our team constructed schools (in total for approx. 20,000 school children) and academic institutions (two fully furnished departments), organised literacy courses for illiterate adults (about 30,000), trained independent journalists in countries with authoritarian record (in total 200 journalists in: Afghanistan, Burma, South Sudan, many of whom now work for Reuters, CNN, BBC etc.), established centres for independent media, organised human rights courses in Afghanistan, Burma and South Sudan.




The team of the Association for Education for Peace (EfP) accomplished the following projects:



EfP constructed six school buildings, including leisure/sport grounds, for approx. 15-20,000 schoolchildren in Afghanistan and Africa (Burkina Faso, Uganda)

EfP constructed Veterinary Clinic & Veterinary Institute for the University of Herat (Afghanistan), the first of this kind in Afghanistan

EfP constructed Plant Protection Clinic for the University of Herat (Afghanistan), the first of this kind in Afghanistan

EfP created a computer centre (powered by solar energy), constructed a separate building for it, and provided computer courses for the Kalash People in Chitral District of Pakistan

EfP provided potable water & constructed several water tanks with filters and wells in Afghanistan and deep tube wells in Africa

EfP organised courses and trainings for schoolchildren and teachers in Afghanistan

EfP organised literacy courses for adults, especially women, in Afghanistan

EfP sent approx. 15 tonnes of educational aid (textbooks, literature, computers, printers, stationary etc.) to Afghanistan

EfP in 2013, established five radio stations, trained radio staff in five provinces of South Sudan in order to run education radio programmes (a valuable means to transfer knowledge to the mostly illiterate population and to prevent ethnic conflicts)

20122013, EfP established two large media centres in Burma (Myanmar) in Yangoon and Mandalay for independent journalists; trained 100 independent radio and TV journalists who now provide Western media (Reuters, BBC, CNN, etc.) with input and information

20122013, EfP organized courses on the monitoring of human rights violations, conflict management and peace-building measures in ethnic conflict prone regions for journalists and political activists in Burma (Myanmar)

prepared a construction of another school in Afghanistan and Tanzania for 2015.




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